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Purchase your Fake ID using Bitcoin as a payment method

Read our Buy Bitcoin Guide on how to purchase bitcoins and then fill the fake id form below.

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.
  • (Select Social Security card if ordering SSN. Otherwise, select your license state for license).
  • License Information

  • You can leave it empty if you want us to generate for you.
  • You can leave it empty if you want us to generate this for you.
  • This is optional leave it empty if not required.
  • Leave it empty if not required we will generate one for you.
  • Leave it empty if not required we will generate one for you.
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  • Use a white paper and a black pen for your signature. Take photo of it and upload here.
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  • Specific license requirements can be mentioned here.
  • Payment Information


Fake ID Pricing

1-2 IDs = $125 Per ID

3-5 IDS = $100 Per ID

6-10 IDS = $80 Per ID

11-20 IDS = $70 Per ID

21-30 IDS = $60 PER ID

30+ IDs = $50 Per ID

SSN Card = $125 Per card

Banning The Guide Your To Freshman 15 Concordian You can calculate your total amount from here.

Pricing for every state ID is same.

You can select different states in a group order.

The current pricing includes standard shipping fee.

For express shipping

add extra $75 to your calculated total.

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  • Calculate your total for the required number of IDS using the price Table above.

  • If you are ordering for Multiple IDs, Fill the form multiple times, Use the same E-mail address for all the order form(s) to indicate you are ordering for a group.

  • Fields that are optional such as Custom Issue Date/Expiry Date/DOB/Height/Weight/License Number can be filled for custom details otherwise leave them empty for our systems to generate these for you.

  • The Freshman 15 Guide Your Concordian Banning To After submitting the order form, You will receive information on how to complete your payment for your order using Bitcoin.